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Janitorial Service Bond

Janitorial Service Bonds guarantee that the Janitorial company will not steal from the home or business they are providing services to. This is an excellent marketing tool for Janitorial companies, as most Janitorial companies are not bonded. The Janitorial Service Bond does not cover damage done by the Janitorial company. That is what an insurance policy will protect against. The janitor must be arrested and convicted of the theft in order for the bond to pay out. This is because it is too easy for a disgruntled business or homeowner to say something was stolen. The surety will accept the courts judgment and pay the claim accordingly.
These bonds are often required of Janitorial Service Companies that clean banks and credit unions.
Janitorial Service Bonds are freely written. Premium is based on the bond amount and number of employees. Discounts are given when the premium is paid for multi-year terms. Most small janitorial businesses pay approximately $100/year for their bond.


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