Surety Bonds

Collection Agency Bonds

This bond guarantees that the Collection Agency will operate within the state's rules and regulations. Many Collection Agencies operate in numerous state, and therefore must obtain a bond in each state as required. There is no one bond that can satisfy multiple state's requirements. Each state has their own separate bond requirement and bond form. They generally guarantee the Collection Agency will report and pay their customers the net proceeds due and payable of all collections made in a timely manner set forth in the state's codes and statues. Underwriting is heavily based on the Collection Agency's owner's credit. However, we have programs set up for those Collection Agencies whose owner(s) have experienced credit problems. It is extremely rare that we are unable to obtain a bond for someone or their company. Take the next two minutes to complete our online application, and we'll obtain a quick quote for you. Of course, there is never a commitment or fee to obtain a quote. It is our pleasure to provide you with this service. We want to earn your business.
If you have licenses in multiple states, give us to a call to discuss it. We will work to provide you with one low rate for each state.
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