Surety Bonds

These are License Bonds, Permit Bonds, and Miscellaneous Bonds. They are required by state and local governments in order to obtain a license or permit. These bonds guarantee that the Principal abides by the state or local laws, rules, and regulations. Miscellaneous bonds are all other non-contract bonds. They include: sales tax bonds, tobacco bonds, cigarette tax bonds, fuel tax bonds, customs bonds, utility deposit bonds, lottery bonds, ARC bonds, union wage and welfare bonds, auto dealer bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds and used motor vehicle dealer bonds, car dealer bonds, DMV bonds and DMV dealer bonds, retail auto dealer bonds, and wholesale motor vehicle dealer bonds.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds are required of auto dealerships in order to obtain a license from the state to sell automobiles. It is not uncommon in the industry for a bond to have several different names, and this bond is a perfect example. The motor ...Learn more & apply

Airline Reporting Corp. (ARC Bond)

Airline Reporting Corp. bonds, as know as ARC bonds, are required of travel agents that want to ability to purchase airline tickets for the clients. The bond guarantees that the travel agent will pay for the airline tickets purchased. ARC bonds are n...Learn more & apply

Auto Tag Bond

An auto tagagent may bea motor vehicle dealer,his agent, or an auto title company. Public license tag agents are authorized to collect the registration license taxes, as well as applicable sales and use taxes, and to issue registration certificates a...Learn more & apply

Car Wash Bond

The Car Wash Bond, required by the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, was recently increased to $150,000. This bond guarantees that the employees will be paid, including fringe benefits that are due. Fair or not, the industry ha...Learn more & apply

Care Facility Bonds

Falling under the category of a License Permit Surety Bond, a California Residential Home Care Facility Bond in the amount of $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 is required to be filed with the State of California, as set forth in the Health and Safety Code, ...Learn more & apply

Cigarette Tax Bonds

Cigarette Tax Bonds guarantee that the Principal pays the cigarette tax collection to the proper governing authority. Bonding companies closely scrutinize any financial guarantee bond, as they are viewed as a high-risk bond. Whether this is your firs...Learn more & apply

Collection Agency Bonds

This bond guarantees that the Collection Agency will operate within the states rules and regulations. Many Collection Agencies operate in numerous state, and therefore must obtain a bond in each state as required. There is no onebond that can satisfy...Learn more & apply

Contractors License Bond

These bonds are often like mini performance and payment bonds required by the state, or sometimeslocal government,in order for a contractor to obtain a license. The bond guarantees that the contactor will follow the laws, rules and regulations by the...Learn more & apply

Defective Title Bonds

Defective Title Bonds, also known as Certificate of Title Bonds or Lost Title Bonds, are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles when the title of a vehicle is lost, clouded, or defective in some way, and must be obtained in order to register th...Learn more & apply


DMEPOS stands for Durable Medical Equipment prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies. The Centers for Medicare Medical Services (CMS) published a final rule titled: Medicare Program: Surety Bond Requirement for Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Pro...Learn more & apply

Encroachment Permit Bond

Encroachment Permit Bonds are needed any time work is conducted within the city right-of-way (street, gutter, sidewalk, etc.(or when work may cause possible damage to the city right-of-way such as heavy machinery or concrete passing over the sidewalk...Learn more & apply

Engine Verifier Bonds

Engine Verifier Bonds guarantee that the Engine Verifier complies with the vehicle code governing their license. We will be happy to answer any questions at 760-747-8175. Or apply now online.Learn more & apply


ERISA section 412 and related regulations (29 C.F.R. 2550.412-1 and 29 C.F.R. Part 2589) generally require that every fiduciary of an employee benefit plan and every person who handles funds or other property of such a plan shall be bonded. ERISAs bo...Learn more & apply

Escrow Agent Bonds

Each escrow agent must file a surety bond of at least $25,000 with the Commissioner. The bond is intended to be used to pay to the state, or any person, any amount that is due to the state, or such person, under the provisions of the Escrow Law. The ...Learn more & apply

Finance Lender License Bond

In general, any person engaging in the business of a finance lender or finance broker is required to obtain a California Finance Lenders License. It should be noted that the California Finance Lenders Law contains a number of exemptions for persons l...Learn more & apply

Freight Broker Bonds

As of 10/1/13, THE FREIGHT BROKER BOND MUST BE $75,000. A freight broker must have a surety bond in the amount of $75,000. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) will not issue a broker license until a surety bond, or $75,000 cash, is provi...Learn more & apply

Fuel Tax Bonds

Fuel tax bonds are specific types of sales tax bonds that guarantee distributors, sellers, and mixers of fuel will pay required taxes to the state. Requirements vary from state to state. This bond protects the public should they file a claim. If you ...Learn more & apply

Home Care Organization Dishonesty Bond

This bond is a new requirement for Californias Home Care Organizations as of 1/1/16. The bond protect the home care organizations clients from damages as a result of the dishonest or fraudulent act(s) of the home care organization or its employees. T...Learn more & apply

Insurance Adjuster Bonds

Learn more & apply

Insurance Broker Bonds

Learn more & apply

Legal Document Assistant Bonds

These bonds are $25,000 and guarantees the Principal complies with state laws and regulations.Learn more & apply

Lottery Bonds

Lottery Bonds are required of retailers who sell lottery and/or lottotickets and guarantees the money collected will be sent to the appropriate state agency. We have a number of surety companies that will write this bond, so we can obtain the best pr...Learn more & apply

Lost Instrument Bonds

Learn more & apply

Lost Trust/Deed Bonds

Learn more & apply

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licensing Bond

These bonds are required in order to obtain a license to open an operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The bond guarantees the licensee operates the dispensary in accordance with the laws and regulations. Depending on the state, the bond can guaran...Learn more & apply

Medicare Bonds

The Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) published a final rule titled, Medicare Program: Surety Bond Requirement for Suppliers of Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) in the Federal Register on January 2, ...Learn more & apply

Miscellaneous License or Permit Bond

For a license or permit bond not specifically listed elsewhere, please use this application.Learn more & apply

Money Order Agent Bonds

These bonds guarantee that the fundscollected by the agent in the sale of the money orders are forwardedto the issuing company. We are one of three preferred providers of Money Order Agent bonds referred by MEMO Financial Services/Memo Money Orders. ...Learn more & apply

Money Transmitter Bonds

Learn more & apply

Mortgage Broker Bond

These bonds guarantee the Mortgage Broker will adhere to the state laws, rules and regulations for their license. It is required of Mortgage Brokers in practically all 50 states. We can put together programs for those Mortgage Brokers who do business...Learn more & apply

Motor Home Dealer Bonds

The bond is required in many states of dealers of mobile homes.Learn more & apply

Motor Vehicle Wrecker bonds

Learn more & apply

Notary Bonds

This $15,000 bond is required in order to obtaina notarypubliccommission. The bond guarantees the notary public will abide by the state laws, rules and regulations regarding notary acknowledgments and jurats. The bond is written for$50 for afour year...Learn more & apply

Pawn Broker Bonds

Learn more & apply

Parking Lot Bond

The bond guarnatees the taxes collected from parking lot sales will be forwarded to the city.Learn more & apply

Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond

This bond guarantees that the parking tax collected by the parking facility will be forwarded to the city/county.Learn more & apply

Personal Care Assistant Bond

A new bill in the State of Minnesota (HB 1362) requires Personal Care Assistants to register with the Department of Health and Health Care. They must also be employed by a qualified Personal Care Assistant Provider Agency. That agency must have a sur...Learn more & apply

Postal Substation Bond

Postal Substation Bonds are required of those business that operate as an official Post Office substation for the U.S. Postal Service. The bond guarantees that the substation properly handles the mail and all postage. Many sureties do not write this ...Learn more & apply

Registration Services

Learn more & apply

Release of Lien Bonds

Release of Lien Bonds are obtained in order to release a mechanics lien from being attached to real estate. It doesnt actually release the mechanics lien, it just releases the real estate from the mechanics lien. The mechanics lien is then no longer ...Learn more & apply

Sales Tax Bonds

These bonds are required of individuals or companies who must collectsales tax for selling theirsell goods and/or services. The bond guarantees the sales tax collected will be forwarded onto the state or local government.Learn more & apply

Seller of Travel Bonds

Learn more & apply

Stop Notice Bonds

Stop Notice Bonds are obtained by contractors, subcontractors and suppliers when they are filing a stop notice with the project lender. Stop notices are often done in conjunction with a mechanics lien. The stop notice is given to the constructionlend...Learn more & apply

Telemarketing Bonds

Learn more & apply

Travel Agent Bonds

Travel Agent Bonds are not to be confused with ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) bonds. These are license bonds required by states to become a licensed travel agent. In Florida, it is known as a Seller of Travel Bond. These bonds generally protect ...Learn more & apply

Utility Deposit Bond

Utility Deposit Bonds are used in lieu of placing a cash deposit with a utility company. The bond guarantees that the utility company will be paid. These bonds are often required of new businesses that have not established a track record with the uti...Learn more & apply

Equity Based Lending Dealer

Exclusive bond program for dealers doing business with Equity Based Lending.Learn more & apply

Consumer Debt Managment Services

The bond is to provide financial surety for the discharge by the Principal of any and all monetary obligations to the Commissioner or teh Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner or any person to whom an obligation of teh Principal arises by virtue of ...Learn more & apply

Home Care Organization Dishonesty License Bond

Effective January 1, 2016, the State of California has enacted a new $10,000 bond required of home care organizations.Nations Surety is the market for this bond, and with online application, we make obtaining this bond quick and easy. The premium for...Learn more & apply

Driver Education Program

The Driver Education Program bond protects any person who may suffer a loss by reason of any violation by theDriving Schoolof the states laws governing Driver Education Programs. In Maryland, the bond is $40,000 and will run concurrently with the per...Learn more & apply

Tax Preparer Bond

The State of California requires that Tax Preparers have a $5,000 bond in order to be properly licensed. These bonds are freely underwritten and are quick and easy to obtain. Multiple year terms are offered at the deeply discounted rates shown below:...Learn more & apply

Food Stamp Bond

The bond guarantees the federal government that the food stamps will be handled in accordance with the federal rules and regulations.Learn more & apply

Union Welfare Bond

These bonds are also known as Wage and Welfare Bonds. The bond guarantees the company will pay the wages and benefits earned by the union employees. Typically, the union requiring the bondhas their own bond form theywant the surety to use, so be sure...Learn more & apply


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